17 November, 2009

another boring post.

A'kum n ello...

so you realize it now that i already change the layout.

nice? or not nice?

still,i don't care.hohoho.

nway,i finished watching Fated To Love You. that drama simply hilarious. from start to the end, all of them are hilarious. and some things are just illogical,but i don't really care. it's idol drama anyway.what do you expect? just have some fun.hoho


i already watched 1 drama for this holiday.

now what?

i really dunno what to do for this holiday.my dad asked me about job-searching. but i'm toooo exhausted to even work right now. i haven't done any physical activities except shopping and walking to the uitm's hills.


maybe tomorrow-tomorrow i'll start my jogging.

and you know what, tomorrow my sis will start her spm. and i'm not being a good sister right now,cos i didn't really pray for her or anything.

alisa,ko kan pandai gile.buat la baik2,ok?

k then.

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