25 November, 2009

talk about woman.

A'kum n ello...

what do you think about make-up?

do you think make-up is important? do you think it's necessary?

you know, i was fighting with my brother(haikal ;si prasan ensem yg ingat sme perempuan nak dia tu~blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com), about woman with make-up and no make-up.


let me just say my own point of view.

make-up is a necessity. i use make up, but i use it just to make my face looks neater and ok looking, not the kind when people look at me and said "oh my.how sweaty she can get" or "HIDEOUS!"

eye-shadow and those other stuff sometimes are too over make-up for me, but still if it's look nice, no need to care about being over or not.i just think you have to wear eye-shadow at the right place and the right time,that's all.

make-up for me,is about looking good, not over-good or "hai darl.wanna piece of me?"

but still, i told my brother about this friend of mine that once said "you no need to change ur face by make up.you already look good enough"

and my brother said "alia, laki sbenarnya nak perempuan nampak lawa. sape nak pompuan buruk.even ade laki, bile malam pertama ngan bini dia, dia suro bini dia pakai make-up sebab dia tanak tengok muka hodoh bini dia"

oh yeah.
what happen to the inner beauty?

what happen to that wife(a.k.a BINI) when she become old? you want her to put more botox then? you want all those stuff,bcos you don't want to see you ugly wife face?

i'm sorry.
let me just say this.

woman is not a trophy. it's something that you have to protect.


i don't want to talk more about this. things will become too extreme later.



Najwa said...

Ur brother nyer ayat sumph x leh bla.. Hahahhaha XD

Alia Liverpool said...

biase da abg kt.dia igt dia bagus.hampeh tul~

Akmal said...

gogogo alia~ woman/girl/female power!!