18 November, 2009

i need to say

A'kum n ello...

i'm bored rite now.i dunno what to watch.i dunno what to play.i dunno what to do.

if you ask me what i want, i'll just say..."erm, holiday?playing?"

but. if you ask me again with a "go holiday then. go playing.there's dat playground near ur house rite?"

then i'll say..."dey macha. i don't play playground. i don't have any money to go holiday. my family is busy. i haven't been to any holiday for some time now.i want to go to korea,but it's not safe. i want to go to sunway lagoon,but like i said before,NO MONEY. i asked money from my dad yesterday and he said "that money that i always bank-in every month??use that money la" but you know-la.fathers~ they think shopping for teenagers our age are suppose to be around RM50,eventhough the ADULTS spend more than RM300 just for ONE stuff, and then end up use it for 1 time only"

get it?

maybe.but maybe not.

so.i need to go out.

i don't do window shopping. i dunno the benefits of walking with your high heels and resist the pain,and end up not buying anything,and just make u think "what did i do today??"

or maybe,you go out,and end up eating 1 dish, and then walk2 again,and buy another food,and then walk2 again,and buy another food,and you just realize "what the hell??!?!i spend all of my money on FOOOD,ONLY!"

maybe i love my life. maybe i think there's something wrong about my life.

which is yes,there's something wrong about it.

nobody gave my sister air zam-zam or air yassin for her exam. yeah,if she respect me more before her exam,maybe i'll make air yassin for her. but still,she can try to pray more, and do that herself rite?

or something like, why i have a friend that suddenly don't want to talk me after i helped her with plenty of things? ok,maybe i talk some bad stuff about her before, but i did plenty of things to help her with my sincere heart and i never really care about the benefits and all.and the bad stuff part? that's her attitude. the attitude that people don't see,but me,one of her close friend,see.and even though she did those bad stuff plenty of times, do i really care much about it? i just ignore it.

but still.

my life is kinda ok,for now.

i ignore those bad vibes like my sister's annoying disrespectful voice, my friend's avoiding gaze, my friend's not answering my calls, my friend's excuses, and other plenty of stuff.

oh yeah. i need to reformat my laptop.

the reason i'm bored is bcos i can't read any manga or watch videos or play games. i often use my laptop to do all these stuff, so,maybe this is why i have too many things to complaint.

sorry for making u mad.
and yes,i'm wearing high heels now.just for practice.

ta then~!


Kitty Moore said...

You should balance a book on your head when practising walking in your high heels - hope you are not so bored now!

Alia Liverpool said...

never thought about that.