20 November, 2009

the Zahir

A'kum n ello...

remember the book that i bought months ago?
Paulo Coelho's The Zahir?

don't think you remember tho. but i just finish reading that book.

and you know what, this book is different that what i ever read.

i read romance, action, mystery, religious books.

but this book is different.

i have to say, after reading this book, i think i'll have a different view in life after this. i can't explain what i learn from reading this book, but it just different.

ok,maybe some parts are weird cos totally different that Islamic view, but still, the author is not a Muslim, so you have to be mature when reading this kind of book. Paulo Coelho is not like Dan Brown. Dan Brown maybe use the Jewish/Christian (i'm neither of them,so i dunno) as the subject of his books, but Paulo Coelho use love as the subject and also the 'religion' for his book.

it's like he's saying "you don't need to be Muslim, Christian or Buddhist. you just need to have Love for your religion"

THAT is not true.
but still, i bear in mind that i'm a reader.and i'm mature enough to think.and again, i'm just a reader.i'm not a human that use a fictional book to be the next Al-Quran.

still, like i said before, this book change my perspective in life. i love the way when the main character search for his wife. i love the way when he waited the right moment to search for his wife. i love the way when his wife trust her husband to come to her at the end. i love the way the author use the history to describe the passion between the abandoned husband and the runaway wife.

maybe the 1st time when i read it, i was a lil bit annoyed by the way the story flow. why the wife want to runaway from all the good things she have? why she was being ungrateful? she has a rich husband that loves her. she change that bastard husband to a caring one, and then she left him. while i was reading that part, i was thinking "you're being an idiot and ungrateful bitch"

but as the story flow, i found the real meaning of life. why people need to change. why people suffer. why beggars look happy. why people just have to be obsessed.

and that's why life is called zahir. it just there.it just suppose to be like that.

and it's ur life to decide, the real reason why zahir is there.

i'm not good in explaining but maybe you get the idea.
or maybe you don't.

ta then~!

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Anonymous said...

nak pinjam!

nanti kita swicth dgn time traveller's wife.