09 November, 2009

bbq ?

A'kum n ello...

i'm blogging.


and the day after tomorrow is Analytical Chemistry's test.
and in few hours,at 4am, there'll be Liverpool vs Birmingham match.

maybe i need a secretary after all..


2 papers to go,and my exam will end this Friday.

kinda cool,as i plan to have bbq after this holiday. but the bad part is, my father wants to make it as a big occasion. i'm planning to do the bbq as a small thing,only for family members. you know,like having Seoul Garden at the garden of your house with your family only. i have THAT idea in my head.

but my father,who maybe thinks my family is not really that close with the other relatives, think that we should ask other relatives to join us.

and i was like "urm?"

no offense, i really want to bring you all, but things will be hard for my maid and my sis.

i know my sis really love relatives come to our house, but her spm is few days after that bbq,and i don't want her to enjoy too much.

still, maybe we end up invite the relatives. cos my father also wants to be involve with the bbq.so, him,being a so-called family person,maybe want the relatives to join in.

i'll tell you if i invite you or not.

lacha TA!


Anonymous said...

why not do the big bbq after ica's exam??
small bbq after ur xm?

Alia Liverpool said...

yup,the original plan was like that.