03 November, 2009

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A'kum n ello.


i did my test,and i'll send it to somebody that will send it tomorrow.i want to study wholly tomorrow.

tonight,i'll read biochemistry.hopefully,my mind will be clean and not cloudy or stuffy,cos i really need those meanings of those glycolysis thingy to save into my head.

and another thing, i hope Liverpool will play well this Thursday.the injury victims are too many,that people say we can even put them in 'House' or 'ER'. those,were said by LFCtv@twitter.

so i assume that the LFCtv's moderators don't watch Grey's Anatomy then.

oh oh~~!!

i am currently following UGLY BETTY SEASON 4!! oh,betty changed her hairstyle to a more smooth one,not the bushy one. and i download the 1st 2 episodes of Vampire Diaries.izza said those series are good,so hopefully, things are nice.

i just download tho,i'll watch after exam. i don't have anything plan for the holiday nway.

that's all then.

i'll watch both of THEM after exam also.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com SAMURAI HIGH SCHOOL!


credits image: daemon's tv

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