30 November, 2009

Liverpool win.finally.

A'kum n ello...

i'll make this short.

everton 0-2 LIVERPOOL.

a win.

i nearly lose my voice when kuyt scored the 2nd goal.

it was brilliant. it's about the positive. it's about the win. it's about Mascherano kissed the Liverpool badge on his shirt.it's about Kuyt back to his form. it's about Reina-the best goalkeeper in the world. it's about Agger,being the coolest defender.it's about Carra-the person who has the weirdest english in the world.

now,the negative.

i was mad that gerrard played badly,but he was involved in the 2nd goal.so no need to be mad.
i was mad that lucas was VERY BAD in the 1st half, but he was class in the 2nd half.
i was mad that N'gog just can't take the ball away from the defender.still,he work hard.
i was mad that Rafa didn't let Aquilani play eventho we were 2-nil up.

you know, i really want to see Aquilani play. but i can understand what rafa is thinking eventho i'm quite mad at him for not letting that italian play. every match is important for Liverpool right now, and to play someone that doesn't have the match fitness is a risk for Liverpool.


i miss cool passes.luckily Mascherano made a cool one just now.


there's barca vs real madrid~

and i just heard xabi alonso's name.


ps: dear barcelona, Mascherano kissed the Liverpool badge just now.hoho.so shooh2~~


Dayya said...

i actually watched the match taw. HAHA. but there's no torres right? so then i i lost the interest since i got chores to do. HAHA. ^^

::ayn:: said...

aliaaaaaaa, aku sudah tukar itu blog. yg lama wujud lagi but i need something new so ive changed . www.riseandshineprincess.blogspot.com thanksssss ! :)

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.nadia dey. awk jgn ckp camtu dey.haha.laki benci awk kalo awk tgk bola sbb tu.hahahaha.

but yeah.torres xde.haha.kt tgk real madrid lwn smalam sbb nk ngk xabi.bengong kan?haha.

Dayya said...

hahahhahahaha.. cant help it though. lgpon kte cm ade bende nk bt. js nk tgk torres de ke x. u noe my dad x ske liverpool. so die tuka lps tuhh. haha

Alia Liverpool said...


my bro x ske Liverpool.but dia ngk gak Liverpool lwn sbb kononnye kalo dia ngk,Liverpool kalah la.aha.