22 November, 2009

Weird after-Liverpool night.

A'kum n ello...

i slept at 4.30am last night.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

pretty much bcos i was reading a story book at that time,that is, Alexandra Potter's Do You Come Here Often?

not the best book i ever read.quite ok t not that enjoyable. the way it was written is not something that i like. but still, if not bcos i want to know what happen between Grace and Jimi,and also bcos i already spent RM35.90 for this book, maybe i already stop reading it.

i should have bought that Time Traveler's Wife. even though what kind of ending it'll give me,at least i can say "wow".


last night was a pretty moody night for me. i still can't accept the Liverpool's result(i have to admit that),so when i saw afiq ersyad's comment about Liverpool at facebook, i was like "damn you!!!" but lucky shazizan was there and comment back and said "arsenal kalah tak kecoh pun"

so my mood was kinda ok after that.hahaha. at least shazizan is a kind guy unlike that shite~.

the internet wasn't interesting last night. so i off the computer around 1.30am. i wasn't sleepy at that time,so i read that Do You Come Here Often? book.

and around 2.30am, my phone was ringing. amier's name came out from the phone, so i was like "why is he calling me?" and so i answered. and someone with a weird voice talked to me:"halo,ni cik alia???" and i was trying hard not to laugh. and if i'm not mistaken he asked me if i'm ok or not. and i said i'm not. and he asked me why and i told him:"sebab Liverpool seri"

and then suddenly,amier was on the phone, and apologized that it was his friend just now,just fooling around. and then he asked me about Liverpool. and he noticed i was kinda depressed about the result, and he said "takpe2.seri.ok la tu kan" and i said"yup.ok la tu"

and he asked me what i was doing and i said i was reading a story book, and he said"ok,pi sambung bace" and then chow.

and then i was like "weird night i have"

and i continue reading the book. and around 3am,my brother just got back, and he started to open his laptop, and then Glory2 Man United was singing from the laptop,and i went to my room.

good. nice day to end my night.

ta then!


Anonymous said...

i've got the time traveller's wife book...u want to borrow??

Alia Liverpool said...

yeah.that'll be good.wanna borrow it before class start.