12 February, 2010

my friend,the little kura-kura.

A'kum n ello..

this is a story about my friend here.

her name is Najwa.
he nickname: Wales,Budak Kecik,Blur,Little Kura-kura.

oh.she thinks she's a cutie.she very the perasan about being comel. total perasan-ness eh?(and i really have many friends that think themselves as cuties.haha)

so, aqilah and i went to Sunway Pyramid with her today. picked her up after 5minutes notice at her faculty.told her that we were planning to watch My Name is Khan. she doesn't even know about that movie, but i know she loves Bollywood(tho not as much as CN Blue and UKissblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com)

we had lunch at Tokyo-G,cos she never ate there.oh.people already know how much i loves Unagi,but this girl here, she said she dislike unagi.

so i wondered why.
asked her if she ever ate one,the unagi i mean.
she said no.

what's the reason to hate anyway? she said: sebab belut(unagi) macam ular.

so we ordered this sushi at Tokyo-G called I LOVE UNAGI!

not a nice picture,i know.

so we told her to try it.

she tried.
munch munch.
then "OO.SEDAP!!!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com"

i know she'll kill me after this.but i'm tougher than her.haha.


you saw that 1st picture rite? when she saw that puppets, she showed me the Bo Peep Bo Peep dance.haha.

and i have the video that she dance. but she told me to not show it to the world.aih.never mind.

so tata!

ps: ting tong me at Google Talk if you want to see the video!
another ps: yahoo messenger makes my laptop slow,so i'll only accept Google Talk chat rite now.


Najwa said...

Kt rse nk cekik2 n bunuuuuh2 awwwwkkkkkk~~~~~ Hahahhahaha XD
Npe letk gmbr kt?!?!?!?!?!
X SKE X SKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alia Liverpool said...

yeay!awk komen!

Najwa said...

Mmg laaaa kt wajib komen~
Dh gmbr kt sbesar besr alam kt blog awk..
Buruk2 lak tuh!!! NOOOOOOO~~~~
*traumatized* XP
Hahahhaa XD

Alia Liverpool said...

ahaha.blum lg taruk video bo peep bop tu.hahaha.

Najwa said...

Kt rse klo awk letk vid tuh.. Mmg kt pengsan kowt agaknyew..
Ugliness overload~ Hahahaha XD

Alia Liverpool said...


kt rse vid tu comel da.sbb ade bo peep tu.bkan sbb ade awk.haha.takpe,mungkin 1 ari nnt ade gnenye kt simpan vid tu.like da time awk nk kawin,den kt malukan awk sehari sblm kawin sblm taruk vid tu.kan best!

Najwa said...

Gleeeer la awk Alia~~
Hahahahhahahahahhahahahahahha XD
Vid to cmel kew.. Waaaa~ SKe2~ Hehe ;P
Mest cmel sbb kt kn.. Awk mlu nk ngaku yg vid 2 cmey sbb kt kn.. Kn3?!?! Hehehe ;P

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.so,kalo anda rse anda comel dlm vid tu,no halla kt upload kat blog ni eh?haha.

Najwa said...

Hahahahhaa XD