16 February, 2010

hang out at TS with ahhin.

A'kum n ello...

went out with Ahhin,Aqilah and Ahhin's cousin,Yaya(true name:Aliya)

my 1st plan was the roller coaster. been feeling to ride the roller coaster for some times already and bcos ahhin wanna have fun on her day off,so we chose that theme park at times square.

and when i told ahhin that i wanna ride the roller coaster,she suddenly said "ko naik sorang2.aku tanak"

what the heck???

and when we picked up her cousin, her cousin also said "don't want(to ride the roller coaster)"

ok now.

no matter. at least aqilah is not scared of roller coaster(she scared of cockroaches tho)

then. arrived at times square.

had lunch 1st.

ate Papa John.delicious pizza and platter.

had Zohor prayer.

then, off to the theme park..............

WHAT THE HELLLLLL???blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com MANY PEOPLE LA!!!! THE QUE WAS VERY2 LONG.

ok. so off to the cinema.if we have the chance,we can watch Valentine Day.

not a chance.the que was too long,i even thought the que was for some street performance that happened around there(but not).

checked the karaoke; long que but shorter than cinema and theme park.more expensive than the karaoke at sunway pyramid.

told the others which one they want.

nobody talking. they all said "AKU TAK KISAH"

and then,aqilah said the dreaded statement "jalan2 jela"
i told her that i want to avoid that cos i MIGHT buy SOMETHING if we have the jalan2.

but then,after much thoughts, we chose that jalan2 thingy.

then we off to Sg. Wang cos we can jalan2 there easily unlike Times Square that has those pissing smells.

as usual, we did this:

you just can't separate Purikura from us(me actually,the others don't really mind) cos it's like a MUST if you're at Sg Wang.haha.

OH OH! before that, we went to the arcade there, and me and aqilah played this shooting game,and for the 1st time ever, i manage to live in the shooting game for more than 30secs, cos usually, i always die after 10secs. so,yeah,i kinda proud and happy there.haha.i waste 2tokens(1 token=rm1) from ahhin,and 2 tokens from my own money.haha.

whatever,at least i improve.haha.

erm. that's all i think. don't really have anything else to blog about.

just happy that ahhin and aqilah actually get along fine,cos both of them not really that close,and so this hang out thing is like a bonding time for them.haha.

and also an unbonding time for that 1 person.she's just too selfish now.maybe sayonara to her later.

ta then!

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