21 February, 2010

my house and 3 IDIOTS.

A'kum n ello..

my brother,Amin asked me "alia tak bosan ke kat rumah ni?"

i dunno what to answer but i stared at him instead.

"maksud amin,kat rumah ni asyik buat benda sama je.makan,tidur,main tenet,tengok video.tak bosan ke?"amin said.

to tell you the truth,i think i have fun doing those stuff.SAD,i know.but i didn't said that out loud.i just made this sad smile just to show my (fake)agreement smile.

you know,being in this house is not that bad actually. when i'm bored with the net, i watched the videos.when i feel hungry,i eat whatever in the fridge.when i feel tired, i sleep.when i feel very2 bored, i'll do something weird like baking or bbq-ing. i'm that kind of person.

i have to admit,i'm a very stingy person.i always avoid using money whenever i feel bored at home.

like just now,i felt the urge to eat something sweet. i don't have any money with me.i told aqilah about it.and she recommended the pisang goreng near my house.but i told her this lame excuse that i don't want pisang goreng cos it is fried(goreng),not creamy,sweety like cake. but then,my cousin,Nanal came.and with my brilliant skill, i asked him to treat me.

and he said "OK.later will buy you McD"

see my skill there? (damn it,i need EMOTICONS!)


i watched this movie today:

ok.i download this movie at btjunkie 2months ago.and after 1month of waiting for the FULL subtitle, i finally watched this movie. and after i watched My Name is Khan, i was trying not to watch this movie,cos my excitement for My Name is Khan haven't decrease yet,and if i watch another Hindi movie after Khan,i maybe will compare them together.

and so i watched 3 IDIOTS.

starring: Aamir Khan,Kareena Kapoor and another 2 idiots actors that i dunno.

and hell,the movie is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!PURE FUN!!!!!

ok.My Name is Khan is better for me cos Shah Rukh Khan is in it, but Aamir Khan is also brilliant in this movie.(SEE???I AM COMPARING!!!)

ok.enough of the compare thing.

3IDIOTS is about 3 boys in a university,that are best friends,and 1 of them doesn't like the education system.this movie mostly show that study is about learning and enjoy about knowing the unknown,but not about getting high marks and get a job that you don't even like.

and that's all.

you can relate this movie with your way of study.some people memorize the whole book,some people understand the concept,and some people still clueless about what really are they learning.that's the whole point of this movie.and also,you have to ENJOY everything that you do.may it be a nice thing or a bad thing.

what i like about this movie is the part when a bestfriend sacrifice himself for another bestfriend.and lucky him,he lives.THAT kind of FRIENDSHIP is very2 pure.you can't even see it again. i'm not that naive,but i trust people easily.i know that that kind of friendship exist even though i have a friend that really really LOVE herself more than others,especially the one that is PELUPA.

oh.did i just curse?

ok.that's all about the movie review.watch it by puchasing it at the nearby Speedy.remember,don't download it by BitTorrent. 

like Shah Rukh Khan tweeted "please dont see the pirated version...see it in the cinema. otherwise twentieth century fox wont buy our films again..ha ha"

ok now.wanna do some revision.haha.

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