06 February, 2010

baked choc chips cookies

A'kum n ello...

last night, baked another set of chocolate chips cookies.


the cookies don't look as delicious as chipsmore or oreo or famous amos, but the cookies that my maid and i baked are wonderful pieces that already made 5 people said "SEDAP!!"

cool eh?

the people that said the word SEDAP are Haikal,Amin,Haikal's friend,Suzy(the person that massage me this morning) and my maid.

the cookies may look this:

but don't judge a cookie by it shape and colour ok? you won't be a successful person if you judge a cookie or human like that.

i know something is wrong with the shape cos it doesn't have the nice round shape that a cookie should have,but i consider this cookie to be a very unique cookie that i don't think will have the same taste again when the next time i bake it.

and i'm very happy and proud to show the cookies that both me and my maid baked. cos seriously, we had plenty of problems while baking it.

1st, it was the blender. we couldn't blend the sugar.so we had to borrow Avon's(a.k.a Ikram's) blender,cos they are the closest neighbour that we know,and aside of me being ikram's friend, my maid is related with ikram's family,for being their maid's bestfriend. anyway, we borrowed their blender,and the problem gone.

then,another problem occur.the machine that we use to bake the cake(i dunno what it's called) suddenly in a bad state.dunno what the hell happened.so, we used the one that we shouldn't use,Mak Cik Azah's.oh well,it's not like she remember that machine anyway.

next,the problem that appear was:i miscalculated the number of sugars that we should put. it's not easy to explain here,so i'll just make you wonder then.

problem solve in the end, and because of the miscalculation,the cookies that should be around 60++ became 100++. maybe bcos of our not-give-up attitude and also bcos of the passion to finish the mission, the cookies taste great.hoho.

cool now. i don't need to buy Oreo after this.

ta then!

ps: the reason i want to bake this cookies are becos i don't want to buy more Oreos after this.


Anonymous said...

cookies: done, pizaa: done, cake: done...when would be the asam pedas and masak lemak cili padi?? :)

Alia Liverpool said...

sem break karang.haha.