14 October, 2012

the FAKE Shim Changmin

A'kum n ello.


sorry that i haven't blog for... months? weeks? whatever. not your problem.

i'm sorry i still haven't blog abt what you really want, AsyaPrasanComel. but like some wise men said,"patience is the key" dan "sabar itu separuh daripada iman" dan "blog dia, suka hati diala". hohohohoho.

nway, the reason i blogged today is because i met HIM....

if you don't know him, i want you to touch the left side of your chest and say to yourself "i am not a KPOP fan. i am immature. i am stupid. forgive me for being so shallow in this fandom".

by the way, i met Changmin. Shim Changmin. Choikang Changmin.
actually, i met the fake him.
a fake Changmin. someone who only looks like him, who is so similar to him. just too similar, i think i might cry before my sleep cos letting go of someone like him, who has the same face like my imaginary husband.

again, i met someone who looks ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST like him.

where and when, that i can't tell cos of some circumstances that i should avoid, to prevent some major embarrassment.

where did i met him?
if you follow my twitter, and read it, you might know where. tell you the truth, i only went there cos NadiaSepet wanted to see Wonder Girls and i just went there, cos, erm, maybe i could see the Wonder Girls.

read my twitter.

how did i met him?
how, is difficult to explain. firstly, i was watching some performances, and he was really really near me and i saw his side face, and i was like "OH, HE LOOKS LIKE CHANGMIN!" and i looked at him again, and i looked, i looked, i looked, i glanced and then i whispered NadiaSepet"awak, muka dia cam Changmin~~" and she tried to look. but she couldn't at first. and then she tried again. and she saw a bit and said"yela awak~~" we still whispering. and then, he suddenly stood up and i was like "tengok tengok~~!!" and both of us looked at him, quietly and slowly, and we saw his full face. and we were like "macam Changmin!!!" and we still whispering.

and then, he came back, and i told NadiaSepet"sape cakap Changmin tu tak ensem eh?"

and then, performances ended, and no Wonder Girls around, and we sat somewhere that have empty seats. and then, i started tweeting, spazzing about the guy who looks like Changmin and how handsome he is, how similar he is to my 'actual' husband, with his tall and not so tough n thin frame and then we looked at him and i think i looked at him a bit too obvious cos after that, HIS FRIENDS (GIRLS) SAW US AND WHISPERED SOMETHING TO HIM AND HE LOOKED DOWN AND SHYLY NODDED and i was like "AWAK!!!!! KAWAN DIA PRASAN!!!" to NadiaSepet.

and we were like, OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. and tweeted about it.

and then, they left the hall. they were outside. i continuously tweeted about it. NadiaSepet continuously ReTweeted what i tweeted.

then suddenly, NadiaSepet the i-do-not-think-before-i-talk girl said to me,"Alia, tengok sebelah kanan awak" and i the girl-who-always-talk-loudly looked at my right and i said loudly"MANA?"....
and truthfully, i did not even think about that fake Changmin. my "MANA?" was actually "apa ada kat kanan?".  but then, while i was saying the loud "MANA?", i saw that Fake Changmin again, who was really really close to me and i, with no poise and lady-like manner, immediately looked away. lucky thing, his back was facing me, not his face. so... lucky me.  he had nice back ^^

and so.... that's all.
we met the Fake Changmin. so handsome and tall and so simple. he also had the aura like the real Shim Changmin, the future-husband-of-AliaBaik. we met the Fake Changmin inside the hall of S.P.C.C..........

and after one hour or so, we met him again at the MACHINE:the Mac store, the Apple store. we went there cos NadiaSepet wanna picked up her iPod Nano. the new one, not the old one that is not colourful. (TIPS: if you want some engraving on your iPod, do it online)

and so, we were talking to the Mac staff, and we were talking and talking, and someone came into the shop, and i, who was talkative, suddenly weirded out and NadiaSepet who also were talking, suddenly talked some mantra that consist of "straight face, straight face". i tried to keep my cool and continue telling NadiaSepet what she must not do with her iPod (TIPS: do not leave it in your pants) and trying not to look at the fake Changmin who just entered the shop.

and then, NadiaSepet nudged me and i realized that Fake Changmin was walking near me and i heard he said"iPhone a~?" in this very deep voice to his friend, but so unlike the cina bukit slang.

when we got the iPod Nano, we said thanks and went out of the shop, and just few seconds after we went out, we went all excited, but not because of the iPod but the Fake Changmin. i did not know how loud we were cos something embarrassing happened........

we went upstairs using the escalator that is opposite the Mac shop, and i looked back at the shop, and saw the Fake Changmin. i was feeling like "bye bye Changmin, you were handsome" and then i saw him, nudging or calling his guy friend, and he POINTED HIS FINGER AT THE ESCALATOR, TO US! TO ME! and maybe to NadiaSepet, but she did not notice. but still, HE BLOODY POINTED AT US!! HE NOTICED US!!

obviously, i did what other normal fangirl do: I LOOKED AWAY. 


dear Fake Changmin,

at the end of the day, i was regretting myself "why did i look?" and "this is the first time i ever felt this embarrassed since elementary school when it comes to a guy. n to a stranger!!" (quoted from my twitter)
and NadiaSepet, who did not look, was like "ITS THE HAPPIEST RANDOM THING EVER HAPPENED TO ME!!!!!!!! DEFINITELY THE BEST!!!!!! @AliaLiverpool" (quoted from her twitter).

the thing is, i can just have a good ending if i didn't look. i'd be like"hehehehe. Fake Changmin so hensem. moga kite jumpa lagi". now that i had looked, i am being"malu malu malu. taknak jumpe dia lagi!!"


hrm. not really.


ps: those who think of 2AM Changmin are those who neglect all duties of recognizing a handsome face and a handsome name.


asya said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA menarik gila okay.
saya doakan jodoh anda bersama fake changmin berpanjangan!!!!

Alia Liverpool said...

kalau ada jodoh.