18 April, 2010

not in syllabus.

A'kum n ello..

for ur info, my 1st final exam paper will be Statistic it'll be on this Wednesday,21st April.


so,obviously i studied for that paper.and so.......i revised the subject by doing this assignment that i'll send tomorrow.

of course, there'll be this moment when i got stuck,cos seriously,statistic is one hell of a subject. my bro asked me if my first paper is an easy paper or not, i told him "none of paper that i'll face this semester is an easy subject"

anyway, i used the past year paper to revise. then, i got stuck at this 1 particular question:

erm.ok. less than. i forgot how to calculate it.

and so,i tried to search my tutorial exercise,to check if there is any similar question with this.apparently,my lecturer already gave the answer for the tutorial exercise,so it'll be easier for us to study. 

and so i checked, and saw this one albino question:

i want a less than question, and i got it. 

and so, i checked the answer for that question:


(mind the spelling error)


wish me well for my exam then. tata!

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