17 August, 2009


A'kum n ello...

i drove to uitm today.haha.bcos nobody can pick me up,even my dear sister cos her tuition end at 6pm.and aqilah has organic class until 6pm.

and i hate waiting.

so i told aqilah,"aqilah,kite drive pi klas"

so i drove to uitm.i parked the car at padang kawad and i realized that i left my labcoat and telekung at home.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

this happened cos i was thinking about "ok.kalo bawak keter,kene isi minyak rm10 dulu.duit aku abis lagi sbb minyak je" and bcos of the 'fuel',i ended up leaving the important things at home.

and so i called KP, who currrently has ILI(influenza like illness) thus no class for her for 4 days,that i want to borrow her labcoat.so she gave it to her roommate and so no worry about labcoat.(and when i wore it,i never know her you-know-what is THAT big!) but i have to worry about Analytical test and Genetics lab 3&4 that i haven't done yet (at that time).

but my worriness all gone,cos no Analytical test and the lecturer said that we can send the lab reports next week.

still,i sent it today.

.... and the class ended nicely at 5pm...UNTIL...

it was raining heavily and i didn't bring my umbrella,and i already gave KP's lab coat to Mila(KP's roommate),so i end up using my RAINCOAT!!!

it's a white poncho btw.but i call it raincoat.haha.

and so i wore it,and people around me were surprised and fascinated and might think i'm a crazy womanblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

even the peeps in the car were laughing to me.haha. i was a lil bit embarrassed at 1st,but then,who cares rite? no umbrella,no labcoat,and i don't want to have a fever or wet shirts,so i end up with the white poncho.

and i feel like i'm the coolest kid in the blockblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.hahaha.

it's not like i'm doing some crazy stuff like have sex or drink alcohol anyway.

i'm just wearing a poncho.


and that's all.haha.

ta then!

credits image: indianmike.com

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