27 August, 2009

no and no.

A'kum n ello..

positive thinking is like the best thing in the world,rite? blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

but don't you think it's like you're lying to urself about it?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

hopefully NOT. cos i live myself with this kind of attitude;with a life that believe in karma,with a life that full of laughter,with a life that always expect,"ONLY GOOD THINGS WILL HAPPEN"

IF i lose this Positive Thinking faith,i'll lose myself. i dunno what to believe,i'm not a human being,i just can't look forward for anything in life.

so,don't you ever try to make me say "Liverpool already lost."

and don't you even try to make me lose my confidence.

yeah,THIS is a Liverpool post.

ta then!

p/s: some people can be VERY,VERY STUPID.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

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