01 August, 2009

i just hate rumours.don't u?

A'kum n ello...

i'm dizzy right now.

my mood is up and down with the constant rumours that happening.

1st: xabi alonso

2nd: DBSK.

why?why?WHY???? why the hell all of these have to happen??????

like i said before,why the hell must i have a favourite player?if only i don't have a favourite player,maybe something like feeling insecure will not happen.

and now,why must DBSK be my favourite singer??? seriously,if only i dunno them,maybe i won't care about the rumour that they'll disband.

seriously.maybe i really need to download 2NE1's i don't care song eventhough i'm not really fond of the techno beat.


anyway,people at facebook might notice that i did those stupid lovey-dovey quizzes at facebook.

reason? cos i'm bored. but still,i'm easily influenced by this quiz thing,so maybe i just have to admit one thing.

maybe i really have a first love after all.

nope.it's not him. i rather it's him tho. but nope,it's not him.

still, the past is the past.and you know what'll happen when i know i really fall in love with someone?

it's when i suddenly do something stupid just bcos of a guy.

i have concious last time when i have a crush. maybe i just don't like him enough.hahaha.

so dear people,lets just have some fun while you're still young and single and don't want to be available.haha..

ta then!

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