31 July, 2009

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A'kum n ello..

i heard PC Fair starts today.


i'm thinking of buying an ipod.hahaha.


where's the money,honey???

i miss my ipod.why the hell i didn't check that baggy pants before i threw it into the laundry.

the iPod is i-kapoot.


anyway,maybe i should by a memory card reader.i'm fed up already listening to my brother's temper about "NAPE UMAH NI TAKDE MEMORY CARD READER EH??MANA AYAH LETAK???"

seriously.i dunno why the hell my brother want to shout those words eventhough he already know that my father always keep things to himself.


i'm a little bit bored right now.that's why i'm actively facebooking.i'm thinking of deleting my myspace.but maybe i'll let it active for 1 year or so.after all,i,WAS,one of the earliest person who signed up for myspace,anyway.haha.

but maybe i start doing all those lab reports later.

seriously,i hope the LDK will not start next week.seriously.

ta then!

p/s: 1N2D later at night!


Eireen Camelia said...

hah? pc fair ada jual ipod ke? NAK JUGAAAAAAKKKKKKKK!!!!

Alia Liverpool said...


ko mmg x pnah pi pc fair eh erin oi?