16 July, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter (character)Image via Wikipedia

A'kum n ello..

also known as,Harry Potter dan Darah Separa Putra.



i was laughing hard when this certain character said "i am the Half Blood Prince" and the Malay subtitles translated it as "Sayalah Darah Separa Putra"


this remind me in this 1 incident that happened during the DBSK's concert. DBSK greeted the fans by saying "KITA DBSK!" (DBSK is US) which is TOTALLY WRONG cos it is suppose to be "KAMI DBSK~" (WE ARE DBSK)

but still,that made me kinda happy,cos it means i'm also a DBSK member.hehe.

anyway,back to the movie.

like i predicted,Harry Potter Movie-lovers will love this movie,but the Harry Potter book-followers might not like it.

UNLESS! if you are Aqilah,who forgot most of the scenes that happen in the book.

therefore,for the Harry Potter readers out there,please~hide your Harry Potter books,until you forget what and what,so that you can watch the movie with the OOOHH and AAAHHHH and HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

anyway,the movie is BRILLIANT!! I LOVE IT!!!

i was glad that they showed the part about Sectusempra.it was whoa with all the blood and draco's ___ face.

i'm being evil here.

and there also Daniel Radcliffe's cute gesture and Rupert Grint's silly face

btw,if you read the book,you might know Cormac Mclaggen.his real life form is HOT!

and also,don't even try to drink a cold 100plus and Coca Cola before and during a movie,bcos you'll go to the toilet twice.

yeah.it happened to me.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


k then.

fast,fast! the tickets for the movie is in status FEW!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

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