21 July, 2009


A'kum n ello..

it was raining heavily today.i'm still shivering rite now.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

tho it was kinda funny.the rain thing,i mean.kinda a nice experience for this new semester.haha.

the people in shah alam should know what kind of rain happened today.haha.

first,it was sunny like other morning.then around 10am,it was cloudy and SOOOOOOOO......
blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comIT WAS RAINING!!!!

around 11.40am,the rain stopped but the sky still cloudy.lucky the mood was in a happy mode,both aqilah and me were making some jokes during the immunity class.aha.

mind you,Dr Hana really need to drink more milk.if only she can write the words higher on the whiteboard,maybe nazreen's (the tallest guy in class) head will not hinder my view.

sorry.but no offense.

and then,around 1pm,kp,aqilah,wiera and me,walked to padang kawad(wiera went to his hostel).

before that.this thing happened.

we saw this notice at the bus stop,that said:

Tiada bas ke Padang Kawad dari jam 1PM-2.30PM.
(no bus to Padang Kawad from 1PM-2.30PM)


but the weather was cloudy with no drop of water,and it was windy.

THAT only happened for 5minutes.

after 5minutes,kp said "wei,bkan makin lebat ke?"

and sure enough,the rain was like this blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com except,it's from the cloud's mouth,not from this onion's mouth.

and whoa~ we were wet.from top to bottom,we were drenched in the heavy rain,and while we were walking faster to go to the car,suddenly,a bus,yes,a BUS,was in front of us,and just went past us.

sad~.i know.

we almost reached the Padang Kawad,so we didn't really mind the bus.

but then,another bad thing happened again.

a BUS appeared in front of us,but maybe the bus know that we almost reached our journey,so he didn't stop.


to tell you the truth,with our drenched clothes,it's a humiliation if we even stop 1 of the bus.


from the surface to the underneath,all of the clothes we wear were totally wet.

oh yes.even the 'inside' were wet.i let your dirty mind wonder.hahaha.



it was brilliant tho.

cos we went straight to my house after that,and i told kp and aqilah to wear my shirts and kain batik.

and when kp saw my maid,she said "alia,sape yang pembantu rumah skarang ni?"

i was blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

k now.


that's what happen for today.

to the 50y.o alia,this post is to remind you that rain is not a bad thing.haha.

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