07 July, 2009


A'kum n ello..

i'm too tired to blog.

but i'll point out the highlights of today.
  • i ALREADY renew my PASSPORT!!!!!6 years ago,my passport's picture was hideous, that people may mistook it as a maid. now,i have a new picture that totally look like me,and i can say that i look alright in that picture.so,if xabi alonso pick my passport when i lose it later at singapore,i won't be embarrassed with that kind of nice picture.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
  • 1st day at uitm,we(me,aqilah and kp) checked our timetable,and it was a lil bit different than the one that i found at the UiTM's student portal.the new one is more packed,and i have a night class at 8pm on Thursday. how nice.
  • i met halimah and alyaa nasir at the cafe.both of them are in the same faculty as me.and alyaa was the same old alyaa.haha.she's studying degree in Biology,i think..and halimah is studying degree in Food Tech. nice eh? they're my senior,eventhough i have a higher UiTM experience.haha.(yeah rite~~)
  • aqilah sent her car to the NAZA workshop.i had to drive the proton (with kp beside me) cos aqilah left her car at the workshop.and so,i brought both kp and aqilah to my house,and we watched 1N2D and had lunch.
  • around 3.30pm,me,lil sis,aqilah and kp went to pkns and we picked up our passports.
  • and we skip our first class of today,that is,analytical chemistry.
  • emi sms-ed me,"xnak ajak me kuar ke?" and so,aqilah,me,emi and kp had dinner at kfc.
  • kp told us this story about this Moyang couple.
  • i told emi the latest thing about saiyuki reload.
  • aqilah sent me a message that she couldn't come to class tomorrow,cos her moyang passed away.
  • i told kp that i'll only attend the biochemistry lecture class tomorrow.
  • and now,i'm trying to ask fatin aqilah to send me to UiTM cos my sister wanna use the car.
  • and she said ok.tho i told her that this kind of request is my way to make people remember me.haha.
  • and now she's planning to visit shazizan,u know,cos she thought that shazizan is in a mourning mode.i told her that we better have this meet-up with him,with some food in the list.aha.and she said,maybe she'll wait for afiq alias first.huhu.
  • and now,i want to sleep.i have to sahur later.i hope the BEL311 lecturer won't mind that i skip the class later.
difference show after 6 years.
damn,2003 was the year that i admit my UGLINESS.haha.

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