30 July, 2009

i have to.

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool F.C.Image via Wikipedia

A'kum n ello..

while i was at emi's house,i constantly said this words.

"bukak jap Liverpool nye website"

the only reason why i constantly asked her to do that is because this latest rumour about xabi alonso moving to real madrid.

i'm not really fond of the media,bcos eventhough i check Skysports' website everyday,i still don't trust that web fully.

yup,yup.i only TRUST LIVERPOOLFC.TV.

right now,there's a rumour that xabi alonso already asked a permission to grant his move to real madrid.

truthfully,i'm worried.

why must i have a favourite player at Liverpool?? i don't need to mind about all of these stuff if my favourite player right now is not xabi alonso.

it was terrible enough when i found out that michael owen will move to real madrid years ago.

did you know what i did after that?

i sent email to steven gerrard(via LFC.TV) "PLEASE DON'T LEAVE!!!"
i didn't send it as flashy as that,but i really sent that kind of email to him.

and yeah.don't ask about what happened 1 year after that.

steven gerrard suddenly said he wanna move to other club(chelsea).and so i sent this anger email to sportscenter that steven gerrard was THAT and THAT.

few minutes after i sent that email to sporstcenter,LFC.TV updated the web and said "Steven Gerrard: I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE"

few minutes after that,i sent an apology mail to sportscenter.and thank God,they didn't say about the email on tv.


and now,steven gerrard wanna stay in Liverpool for his whole life.
he was born in Liverpool.he's a Liverpudlian.his favourite football club is Liverpool.

a Liverpool fan already feel safe that someone like that is the best player in England and maybe in the world,and he's a Liverpool player.

however,someone like xabi alonso,is not a Liverpool supporter.
nor born in Liverpool.
nor a captain of Liverpool.
but he is a bloody brilliant passer of football.

eventhough he's not a true Liverpudlian,he's a Liverpool player.and i really hope he stay.


i'm being positive here.i just have to.

i don't want to think about the negative.
so now,tata!

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