28 July, 2009

holiday and xabi concern

A'kum n ello..


UiTM cuti.
UPM cuti.

it's not a good thing btw.


bcos the holiday is too sudden,and also bcos it happens at the end of july,and so,no allowance to go out,and no plan to even hang out.

the only thing that i have in mind is to have lunch or dinner at sushi groove with that vouchers that me and aqilah have,and that's all.

and with hani's phone still 'unreachable',so i'm too lazy to contact her.

btw,with the excitement of 'I SAW XABI' fading slowly, i'm in a concern mode of worrying about xabi alonso's choice of future. hopefully,with my positive mind,he'll stay in Liverpool and continue his form as the best passer in the premier league.

and also as my hubby.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


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