02 July, 2009


A'kum n ello..

i woke up around 3pm today.


i got a message from LSCM around that time,and with my sleepy head,i asked my brothers if i could use their phone to reply the message.but nobody has the credit,and i had to ask my maid,and after some 'crazy' thinking,i told my brother to top up for me immediately.

and after that, i replied the message.

the message consists of CAPITAL WORDS and the word URGENTLY!

seriously. who could handle that kind of thing when you just woke up?

and adzrin,why did you call me? i was too irritated and sleepy this morning,so i didn't answer your call.hope there's nothing important.

and yup,yup. i was VERY VERY IRRITATED this morning.and i dunno why.

maybe bcos i remember some past that i hate so much,and that effect my sleep.

and btw,i slept around 7.40am. note that down.

where is hani when i need her.

ta then.

p/s: aqilah,our plan to go to klcc maybe will be on saturday.don't think i'll have the time to go on sunday tho.and emi said she won't join us if it's on saturday. PLEASE.HELP ME.


::ayn:: said...

nope. just nak ajak temankan gi bank islam je.

Alia Liverpool said...

sori ney.
aku x cukup tdo bape so x angkat fon.