04 July, 2009

i pity THEM

A'kum n ello..

this is a picture of Michael Owen that i took from skysports.


bloody awesome right?
they photoshopped it eventhough he hasn't signed the contract yet.aha.


fyi,michael owen was my favourite player during my 1st days supporting Liverpool.people that know me long enough,will know that i adored this guy just like adore xabi alonso during this time.


the scum wants him cos they lack the strikeforce after they lose ronaldo and tevez...

but owen is not like his Liverpool days after his constant hamstring injuries and that stupid transfer to Real Madrid.

but still,i hope he'll be ok at scum,eventhough i hate SCUM the most.he was,after all,the player that introduced me to Liverpool.

i pity this guy.

i dunno why.

you know what,in this 1 day only,i pity 2 people.

the first one is Michael Jackson,and the 2nd one is this Owen guy.

and why i pity Michael Jackson?
other than him still not bury yet,people been listening to his songs to mark hisdeath.but still,where is the Yassin?

oh yeah.
where is the Tahlil?

maybe,the Jackson family care too much about the reason he died,than thinking about his peace.

i'm not saying his family is bad,but when MJ was alive,he wasn't in a peaceful state.his life wasn't in peace,why they can't let his death being in peace?

again,i pity MJ.

hope these two MICHAEL well.

[edit] Michael Owen is officially a scum. fallen legend,yes he is. -source:skysports

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