08 July, 2009

i NEED it!!!!!

A'kum n ello..

i'm tired.i want to sleep.

and i have class tomorrow.haha.

my mind still in a non-study mode.
amanda said i'm in an otaku mode.haha.cos i think too much about Saiyuki.haha.

anyway,Amanda is an online friend of mine.she sells original-fake Johnny's tshirts. and i always buy her stuff even though it's not orginal,cos truthfully,the original price is TOOOOOOO MUCH.

i rather have another lunch at Nippon Tei than buying the original NEWS tshirt.seriously. i'm not an idiot who spend money stupidly just for a fandom.

  • (saiyuki reload mangas that cost about about RM68.20~)
  • (NEWS' color album that cost around RM104)
  • (BANC sweater that cost about RM160)

i am one of the idiots who ALREADY fall deeply into the trap.


anyway...Amanda has a paypal account,and she said she'll buy Saiyuki Reload vol.9 for me at the internet.and tho i dunno when will she buy it.i hope she'll buy it as soon as possible.

or maybe i have to bank-in the money now.hrm2.

btw,i checked Kinokuniya's website and that place said that Saiyuki Reload vol.9 already in the shelf. and yesterday,aqilah said "aku tanak bawak ko pi KLCC" (something like that) to KP and i don't think going to Kinokuniya is an option right now.

but seriously,i need the book.NOW!

anyway,i attended Biochemistry's class today.my lecturer's name is Mdm. Rumiza.honestly,she's not like Mdm. Amaliawati. Mdm Amaliawati is more bossy,but the current lecturer is the opposite of her. it's not a bad thing nor a good thing,cos i dislike bossy people,but i also dislike people that is TOOOOO QUIET.

still,she gave us her mobile number.

anyway,najla said i was being funny today.truthfully,i think i was loud in class.
and THAT is not a good thing.

don't think i'll fast tomorrow,so tata now.

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