18 July, 2009

sick for now.

A'kum n ello...

my body is weak.
my mind is tired.
my back is aching.
my stomach is really2 sick.
and i want to vomit.

seriously.i dunno what happen to me right now,but i'm seriously ill.i just think I have the need to blog right now bcos i feel like i need to tell someone about it.

my body was a lil bit hot last night,tho my brother said my body was normal.

in my life,my immunity is always good.i haven't got any fever for years.and when i have it now,i pretty much wonder is this really the feeling of fever?

mind you,i already forgot the feeling of sick.

my stomach is totally in pain right now,i thought it must be bcos of the period pain cos it almost 'time'. but still,i never felt this kind of pain tho.

i just hope i'll be fine for tonight's bon odori.some bits of warm water and food maybe will cure me.InsyaAllah.

i'm not really a person who choose panadol whenever i sick.because i don't really like some chemical to be inside my body. the only chemical that i trust completely is H2O.

i wonder if the Salmonella bacteria that i handled during the bacteriology lab got into my body without me realize it. or maybe that Dettol smell effect my body system.

i hate sick.
i feel hopeless.

and hani said LDK in Shah Alam is next week.seriously,PLEASE DON'T!!!! i want to enjoy the Singapore vs Liverpool match with glee and no worries.

FT Island's new song is GOOOOOOOD!!!
nice one~!

k now.

i need some carbohydrate.

p/s: i am NOT PREGNANT!


AdlineLime^-^Tea said...

syg ooi~
dh sihat lum?
ape je yg kmu wat smpai sakit2 ni?ni mesti ade sumting...makan elok2 x?tido elok2?

ape2 pun...jg diri baik2..
luv u darling~

Alia Liverpool said...

alo sayang~~!aha.
lum sihat lg.still lg sakit perut.rasanye cirit birit kot.dah baper kali dah masuk toilet tu...

n ntahla.tatau nape leh sakit ni.td check cme btau cirit birit je.tatau pe sbb leh cirit birit.doc tu suro minum air byk sbb nmpk cam kering.

makan dah elok dah.
tdo tu agak~~~~~.hehe.

saya akan tdo awal.

tq noi!!
i love u!!