18 July, 2009

Malaysia 2-3 Scum

A'kum n ello...

mates,i watched the Malaysia vs Scum just now.

and whoa i was happy.haha.

you know the score.2-3 to Malaysia.

ok now.Malaysia was beaten by the scum,but they scored 2 GOALS!!! and one of them is like one of the best goals Van De Sar ever conceded.

who is Van De Sar? scum's keeper.aha.

it was nice to see Malaysia's improvement.
last time,their pass were bad.
this time,it was nice.

owen scored tho.but who cares.there's Amri Yahyah!!

oooh.Amri Yahyah was bloody brilliant! he scored 2 goals over Scum.he's a legend now.haha.

just like Mokhtar Dahari who scored 2 goals against Arsenal in 1975,Amri Yahyah will forever remembered as the Malaysian who scored against Manchester Utd,the so-called champions of England.haha.


p/s: now i'm scared if Singapore will make a 'Malaysia'.haha.

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