28 July, 2009

there this one guy

A'kum n ello..

k.i'm bored.so i'll intro you to this one man that i never talk to when i was in the bus to Singapore.haha.

i dunno his name,but he sat at the left-front of me.haha.

anyway,this guy sure is hilarious. he mostly talked in chinese,but you can just understand what the hell he was saying anyway.

there was this time,when we had to stop at R&R Ayer Keroh,and like i blog about it before,3 buses were prepared to take the Malaysian fans to Singapore.

and then,another bus appeared.the bus contained this BIG chinese family,that i dunno where they were going.chinese family sure rich eh?and also very harmony cos they even try to book a bus to have their holiday.

anyway,that chinese family's bus parked behind our bus,and so,there were 4 buses lined up at the parking spots (including the LSCM buses).

and when all of us were in the bus,1 person was missing.after few minutes,the guy that i just intro-ed just now appeared and he talked something in chinese to his friends but every people in the bus understood what he said.

apparently,he went to the chinese family's bus.

maybe he was wondering why an old granny was in the bus,instead of his pretty boy friend.ahah.

anyway,there's another story,which was told by sister to me.

before we entered singapore,we had this immigration check.and people must not bring any alcohol or cigarettes into singapore.so,in every R&R that we stopped by,the men were smoking desperately bcos they have to throw away their cigarettes later.

anyway,when we entered singapore,there's no cigarette in sight.


the guy that i talked about saw a piece of cigarette on the road.

and you know what he did?

nothing dirty tho.

he just looked at the cigarette and just shook his head like that cigarette is the most precious and important thing in the world.it's like he wanted to say "who the hell threw away that PRECIOUS cigarette????don't they know cigarette is the most important thing in the world?????"


he might said that.

anyway,that's all.

hahaha.told ya i was bored.

and i hoped this guy won't know about my blog.hahahaha.

btw,i saw this package for Liverpool vs Man Utd match,cost about RM3000++.
IF ONLY.........

belajar baik2 alia.



Eireen Camelia said...

emmmm... tapi kan.. seriously.. dia cute sgt. i mean, SGT.

Alia Liverpool said...


ko ske laki jenis camni eh?haha.

sape cute?