23 July, 2009


A'kum n ello...

i'm at the library rite now a.k.a PTAR.


aqilah has a class right now and i'm alone.i'm planning to study Genetics,but i don't have that mood.aha.

later wanna hit the LSCM place cos maybe i'll buy the Liverpool jersey,the one that Liverpool wore the last time they won the league.maybe it'll be a good omen if i buy it.aha.

oh oh!!

Rafa and co. are on their way to SINGAPORE!!!

if only i live in Singapore,maybe i'll be at the airport right now and skip Genetics.haha.

btw,dear Adzrin Nadzirah,i also FAILED.aha.

i dunno what UiTM is thinking right now.i thought every diploma students will receive the food allowance.where's that specialty that no other universities have??

really tho,with the constant summons that the UiTM pak guards gave to the students,i thought this university is already rich.now,they don't have the money to give us food allowance.

hampeh btul pak cik misai ni.


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