03 July, 2009

latest manga blabla

A'kum n ello..

the latest chapter of Bleach(364) is awesome.

it wasn't that awesome.
but you can expect something cool to happen in the next chapter.

those shinigamis are not that strong now that Aizen appeared.but those ex-shinigamis, whom i forgot it terms (cos bleach has many terms like arrancar and so on) appeared out of nowhere and now will fight with aizen and those peeps that haven't died yet.


k now.

i don't think this latest chapter has anything to be excited about except this one tiny thing that happen to captain ukitake...still,things are good.

for now.
i hope.

and the latest chapter of naruto(454) is not that great tho..just some introduction of the 5 kages..nothing awesome about that except Gaara,cos he's the kazekage of the sand.

still.i don't you really care about what i said anyway.haha.

ta then~!

p/s: anybody has paypal?

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