20 July, 2009


A'kum n ello...

you know what is this?
this is a micropipette.

most labs use this stuff instead of the usual glass pipette that you people often use during the schooldays,especially in science lab.

but this one is really expensive and also small.my lecturer told me that it costs around RM700 for just 1 micropipette.

cool rite?

and today,this micro-thingy is my bad day.

during the immunity lab,i had to use this micropipette.and the lecturer saw my way of handling it,and she told me that i was doing it the wrong way.

you know,my stomach was in a very 'uncomfortable' mood cos of the diarrhea,and the period pain hit me,and so,my moment in the lab is really,really blur.

i know i was blur and all,and i tried to hide it by constantly practiced using the micropipette,eventhough i always use it during the biochemistry lab.

but when the lecturer came to me to check if i use the micropipette well,she said i was doing it wrong.

and then i realize.

i was blur when i practiced that i don't realize my own mistake.

trust the lecturer to take care of it.


ta then!


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