30 July, 2009

journey almost started.

A'kum n ello....

so my adventure with aqilah to emi's house already end.haha.

details will be told later.haha.cos i'm using my brother's laptop right now,and i'm just too lazy and tired to blog and there's also some photos to upload.haha..

  • we ate durians.pure durians,ok???
  • we had dinner at Madam Kwan's,KLCC.
  • we had 'picnic' with no food at KLCC.
  • we had lunch at sushi groove,sunway pyramid.
  • we karaoke-d for 3hours,and only cost around RM40 only.

that's all.tata.

seriously,i constantly check the LFC's website just to check if xabi alonso sign a new contract or not.apparently,he's still 'thinking'.

i'm being positive here.hopefully,he'll stay.

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