18 July, 2009

now i can be happy

A'kum n ello..


i just asked Aqilah.
and Aqilah called KP.
and somebody picked up the phone.
and she said "LDK 2nd/3rd August"



now i can enjoy the match fully.huhu.

man i'm loving this. no need to repeat anything.huhu.

and right now,hani is forced to watch SYURGA CINTA.
for someone who loathe malay movie,that surely feel like hell.haha.

no offense.

btw,there'll be another rematch for Malaysia vs Man Utd.this maybe for the Indonesian fans. a crowd like today will not repeat anymore tho.and another cool performance like today from the Malaysian team is a lil bit impossible,cos the lads might be tired.

but still,hopefully,another good match will happen.

ta now.


AdlineLime^-^Tea said...

Syurga Cinta...
boleh tahan...
kalu nk try tgk...tgk la...dialu-alukan...

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.syurga cinta eh noi?
best sgt ke?
kawan aku kate cam stupid.haha.
dia mmg anti cte mlayu tho.hha

AdlineLime^-^Tea said...

citer die menarik but...cm biase la...noi x suke care artis melayu berlakon...
terlalu...berlakon la...

noi cme leh puji bab jalan citer je la...lain2 tu...

Alia Liverpool said...

cte melayu mmg slalu camtu tho..
jalan citer best,ble start acting je,cam over sgt plak.dats y aku x ske tgk cte mlayu.rse cam buang duit je.