15 July, 2009


A'kum n ello..

teppei koike.jack in the box.
harry potter.and the half-blood prince
(stupid question: who is the HALF-BLOOD PRINCE?)
the new RM50.
a friend with a mother that constantly nag about PTPTN
Genetic class.
1N2D on the same time-slot.
St Gallen vs Liverpool
Real Madrid still want Xabi Alonso.
Wayne Rooney as a priest?
Beckham to Liverpool?
Man City as the next big thing?
Malay Proverb Charade
my sis is clicking the bell.
xiuqi at UM,studying dentist.
(thanks to facebook,dear~)
CTU book RM15
Immunology.lab manual RM3.45.
Teppei Koike.Smile.
my sister.

ta then!

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