20 April, 2011

seoul garden,chicken,birthday gifts,pajijin

A'kum n hello..

what happened on 12th March 2011?

THESE happened:
  • AliaLiverpool being a klutz. NadiaSepet asked me out for a date hang-out at Seoul Garden. n all this time i thought she referred to the Seoul Garden at One Utama, but nope, she was referring to the one at Plaza Pantai.
  • NadiaSepet being a klutz. She asked me the closing time for Seoul Garden. i told her "Night time". she still google-d for the closing time at her blackberry. suddenly,she giggled and said "Opening hours at Seoul Garden Plaza Pantai is 12pm-3pm and 6.30pm-10.30pm".at that time, it was 2pm. and we still at NadiaSepet's house,still have to pick up AqilahPrasanCute,still have to pick up AsyaPrasanComel, still have to go to Plaza Pantai. impossible~
the KLUTZ of the day.
  • NadiaSepet being guilty for klutziness. she non-stop talking about "i'll pay for anything~~~~"
  • AqilahPrasanCute being a confused person. all because i invited her 1 hour before the actual time.
  • NadiaSepet was full of anxiety. all bcos she had not told AsyaPrasanCute,who was waiting at Mid Valley and also need to go back to UPM after the hang out about eating at Seoul Garden at One Utama. (oh well,she went home instead of UPM tho)
  • AliaLiverpool being a forgetful blogger. she forgot to state that; instead of the Seoul Garden at Plaza Pantai, we'll go to the one at One Utama.
  • NadiaSepet being a klutz. She told AsyaPrasanComel to wait at South Court. she confidently told me to drive into the taxi stand at this one court that she 100% sure is the South Court. Embarrasingly, it was the North Court.
  • AliaLiverpool being a clumsy driver. never hold your mobile during driving. or else your car will hit a big plastic vase instead.
  • AsyaPrasanComel being a proud shy girl. she talked less when she was in the car. she admit with pride that she is a very shy girl. nobody in the car believed her.
  • NadiaSepet being a major klutz. she told us to park the car at this empty car-park in a place that has "WORK IN PROGRESS" sign. she was too embarrassed when she realize about the sign.
  • AliaLiverpool being a shoes-conscious girl. she hates her ugly working shoes.
  • AliaLiverpool, NadiaSepet, AqilahPrasanComel n AsyaPrasanCute were starving. they immediately search for Seoul Garden.
  • AsyaPrasanComel as a chicken lover. she was very focus is cooking her chicken. the amount of chicken that she was focusing to: 1
  • AsyaPrasanComel is AqilahPrasanCute's twin personality. they both scared of cockroaches n hate to eat crabs. their reasons are the same.(cockroaches move too fast. crabs are hard to eat)
  • The Seoul Garden's waiter was a nice guy. he changed our cooking-pan(?) with a new one.
  • AsyaPrasanComel is very focus woman. she still focused on her chicken.
  • The girls are very nice Muslims. we went to pray.
  • The girls are very bad twitter friends. we talked bad stuff about EzharSukeKpop.
  • AliaLiverpool is a b2uty. she snapped a picture with BEAST.

  • AqilahPrasanCute is such a nice friend.she told me to check the Keep Your Head Down album price so that she can give it on my birthday.however,the price is RM90. 
Alia:Keep Your Head Down album please?
Aqilah: for you i will.
Alia: HAHAHAHHA (not out loud)
  • AliaLiverpool is a very eager birthday girl (at that time). she told AsyaPrasanCute that she could give Cinnabons for the birthday girl.
  • AsyaPrasanComel is a very2 nice person. she bought 2 Cinnabons for as birthday gift.
  • AliaLiverpool is greedy. She saw a Famous Amos booth. she told NadiaSepet that she wants Famous Amos as her birthday gift from her.
  • NadiaSepet is a nice girl. she bought 100gm of Chocolate Chips+Macadamia nuts cookies for that nice AliaLiverpool.
  • AliaLiverpool is excited. she bragged to AqilahPrasanCute that she got Cinnabons and Famous Amos.

  • AliaLiverpool,NadiaSepet,AqilahPrasanCute and AsyaPrasanComel went home.
  • END.
that's all.

and oh.

that day also was the birth of Pajinji Pajinji.


ps: pity that no picture of AsyaPrasanComel from that day. shhhh.


asya said...

ok lawak gile!

tp mana gambar kte?
ok kte pemalu hari tu.HAHAHAHA

Alia Liverpool said...

pemalu sgt.

nk tgkap gmbr pun smpai avoid.
ye ke?aha.

nadiasepet said...

kelakar okay!!!
awk buat kte tringat everything yg tak patot kte buat hari tuh!!

yeah, major klutz is definitely me!

ezhar dah ade name kat blog awak!!!

Alia Liverpool said...

kt sengaje buat awk teringat.

Anonymous said...

Nak tanya sikit. Seoul garden dekat plaza pantai dekat mana ye? Kita cari dekat area lrt kerinchi tu tak ada pun.