06 April, 2011


A'kum n ello..

no i'm not blogging about those posts that i should have posts. 

it's almost 5am. be nice.


it's 5am.

i just don't want to sleep.

if i sleep after 4am, the possibility for me to not wake up for Subuh is like 85%. almost impossible.

Miezah is sleeping right now. she is staying at my house for, maybe, 2 days? not so sure. she said she wants to do the practical report and all. but man~ she has plenty of plans for hanging out.


what's new about ME?

apart from me not a practical student anymore, but a student that needs to send her report this Monday, my life is kind of great. i mean, if last time, i have to worry about plenty of things because of some not-confident choices, but this time, i am less anxious than the start of season.

  • report almost done. 
  • MUET is next week. 
  • and i choose something that i really am confident of for my degree.
  • and i'm listening to Taylor Swift and 2NE1.

better than the one at the start of the season when i have to:

  • practical training??? 
  • supplementary exam result??? 
  • parking money???
  •  fuel???? 
  • car???? 
  • light brakes??? 
  • my sister??? 
  • top-up??? 
  • LabLink???? 
  • visiting lecturer???

yes, i worried,almost,about everything. i'm just that perfect.

so Miezah is here. obviously, we did some talking; bad stuff, good stuff, secrets and advice. the thing is, nothing productive from that talk.

by the way, KP is coming to Shah Alam to send her report. haha. and she said she can hang out with me and AqilahPrasanCute this weekend, which is brilliant, cos damn, i miss her! i want to see her big boobs!

sexual harassment. yes.

#nowplaying Take the dirty picture for me, take the dirty picture.

funny that the song suddenly played when i was talking about someone's boobs.

and oh, i believe that Anwar Ibrahim is not in that video. dot. even though i didn't watch that porn video. it just that, i don't watch black and white porn. i watched good porn. not some corrupt one.

(1 hour to go for Subuh.)

hrm hrm.

i really don't know what to do right now.

my mind just can't do anymore thinking right now. blogging are the only way for me to express whatever i have in mind right now.

apparently, i have nothing in my mind right now. lor.

#nowplaying baby lets take it slow........

ok tata.

i'll do some Domoto Kyoudai survey. hohohohohoho.

ta then!


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