23 June, 2011

4 years ago, now?

A'kum n ello...

do you remember what you have blogged before this?

especially the story that you blogged was about 4 years ago?

do you ever remember?
and do you think someone will actually read that old post of yours?

apparently, someone did.



won't tell you who, but oh well. you know how to find that out anyway.haha

and suddenly, i feel like Jay Park. i didn't even remember i ever blogged that. haha.

oh well, sorry dear friend. you called my team 'sampah'. you should apologize. hahaha.

ok now.

"mende dah lepas.takyah dikenang" HAHA.

ta all.

ps: Asya, diam~~!! XD

1 comment:

asya said...

"mende dah lepas.takyah dikenang"

ok sorry