18 September, 2015

Bordeaux 1-1 Liverpool

AsSalam and hello.

LFC drew 1-1 against Bordeaux this early morning.

i slept during the 1st half. i was too sleepy. the Boncafe coffee really not effective in making me awake. i tweeted during half-time that i fell asleep, and a LFC mate of mine said that i didn't miss anything.

i kinda expected that.

the first 10 minutes made me realized that LFC might play this constant low quality football till the 90th minute. it was frustrating to see them play like that.

then, i fell asleep.

i was a bit happy when young Rossiter started for the team. 18 years old and his weekly salary might be more than $20k. Emre Can wasn't playing well too. Gomez did well tho. Sakho was the captain. Lovren and Skrtel did not start and that gave me a bit of confidence that we could win.

i was wide awake in the 2nd half. thankfully, Lallana scored the 1st goal. and then the camera showed Brendan's face and i was like "you still need to be sacked, mister". then, the usual defending mistakes occur again, Bordeaux equalized, and the score stayed the same till full-time.

it was upsetting but fortunate at the same time. we did not play well, but at least we got a point. very upsetting how disorganize the team were this morning. as individuals, the players are great. but as a team, they are not good. it was really frustrating.

Rodgers was improving at the start of this season, but after that good performance against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, his decisions later on show his arrogance and the results of the matches after that proved his incompetency. so now, i'm joining the #RodgersOut brigade.

i'm really really a nice person. but sometimes, we need to put an end in something.

Carra for LFC manager, please. not Gerrard, nope.

tho this news came out just now.....

oh. Bordeaux supporters are amazing. i want to join that kind of fun too, if i have the chance. YNWA!

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