16 September, 2015

Assembly, Mrs Cop, YongPal

AsSalam and hello.

Since the time i passed my 2nd DRP (well, a repeated one), i had a bit of free time.

I'm too lazy to download dramas, so i watch them through the KBSworld and OneHD instead. Both channels now broadcast their dramas and variety shows early, so i watch them on tv instead.

HD too. No more 450p resolution.

Still, i don't subscribe Oh!K and Channel M at Astro, so i miss MBC and Tvn dramas. That's why i haven't join the Oh My Ghostess brigade yet.

Currently, KBSworld are showing Virtual Bride(Mon-Tues) and Assembly(Wed-Thurs) while OneHD are showing Mrs Cop(Tues-Wed) and YongPal(Thurs-Fri).

Among them, i watched all except Virtual Bride. Not sure why, i like the casts n synopsis but i decided not to watch it withoit reason. Some people said the drama is funny tho.

Current favourite among the three that i watch is Assembly. The current political problems in Malaysia might influence me to watch this but the fact that the same writer of Jeon Do Jeon is involve in this drama made me interested. And well, that writer still brilliant. Assembly might have a low rating but the casts and the story are just brilliant. The heavy politics story might not interest the general audience but it does has a fan in me. Whenever Jin Sang Pil talks, i have tears in my eyes. He talks all the problems that the public are having right now. High cost of rent, unnecessary funding to unimportant stuff, unnecessary quarrel among politicians, all those stuff. Another interesting point is that his aide is a woman. A brilliant-minded woman who thinks of strategy. Usually, dramas let the men do the thinking. Almost a feminist, i love the fact that they show that women can also like politics and women can also help the men in something that doesn't involve household stuff. The drama will end in Korea today, so a good ending is expected.

But this is KBS we're talking about. I might have a tiny bit expectation that it will have an ending like I Remember You.

Mrs Cop is brilliant too. Intriguing. Kim Hui Ae is awesome. Gikwang is cute. Son Hojoon and Lee Dahee are great together. The Violent Crime Unit are Jjang! The villain is evil and hateful but he makes the drama better. Just when i thought the drama is like a typical police drama, they have a different twist. Not sure what it is, but its sure is different. Unlike The Girl who Sees Smell, this one at least made me wants to finish the drama. Sorry Shin Sekyung, Kim Hui Ae tops you, always.

Oh. Kim Hui Ae's fashion is totally on point. Skirts? What is skirts? She wears police uniform with pants and still looks good in it.

Yongpal..... Intriguing. Maybe that's what makes it have a high rating. The plot makes the audience want to watch it. Kim Tae Hee really tries hard to show a good acting and she did ok. I pity Joowon. His eyebags are getting worse so i lose my focus a bit when i watch this drama. Him n KTH are not even compatible but they can be sweet together. Plenty women in the drama but KTH still the best looking. Funny fighting scenes, dramatic plots. Great surgery skills tho. Hope Joowon will manage himself better now that they want to extend the drama with 2 more eps.

Free times are nice if you fill them up with what you like. So i fill them up with dramas instead. Truth to be told, i should've spend them by reading journals instead of watching these dramas. Ah well. Whatever.

Back to watching Mrs Cop. Ta!

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