15 August, 2010

i'm too busy.

A'kum n ello.

sorry for not updating. last week was a very2 busy week for me,seriously.

i did 3 lab reports on Monday,the 9th.
i had Food Microb test on Tuesday,the 10th.
i had to do Food Microb lab report n ETR's assignment on Wednesday,the 11th.
i had Industry test on Thursday,the 12th.
i had Agriculture test n Medic test on Friday,the 13th.

very2 cruel.

let me be a bad person. i'm not really an honest person in 3 of the 4 test that happened last week. thanks to someone named Ayu(who sat in front of me), KP(who sat beside me) and Miezah(who sat in front of me).

without this 3 people, maybe i'm a more honest person.

anyway, the main priority last week was study. so i didn't really have time to look at the surrounding. i did surf the net, but i only checked my twitter that have more than 1000++ updates,which made me spent more than 1 hour cos of it.after checked all those updates, i didn't do other stuff. i didn't read my friends' blogs or read my friends' updates at LiveJournal. i was too busy.


bcos i was too busy and didn't know what happened around me, my father scolded me about me, saying that i was ignorant. he didn't know i was busy, so i don't really want to care much about it. still, he complain too many stuff, like why i didn't ask for the money to cut the grass, why the grass still not cut, why i didn't know when will my sis goes back to Jengka, why i didn't replace the lightbulbs, why i didn't do that n that.


i know some people are too busy, but i'm also busy. i'm busy cos i want to make you proud. i'm busy cos i want to make you happy. i'm busy cos i need to impress my lecturers. i'm busy cos i'm a responsible student. i'm busy cos I AM BUSY.

heck, i'm soo busy i didn't even have the time to go to the bank to check my money or anything. i don't even have the time to top-up my phone.

i'm very very busy.

and to make it worst, i'm too tired because i'm too busy waking up my brothers who sleep like a log during sahur.

be reasonable, for once.

the busy-ness still have it effect on me. i'm just too tired. i'm too tired to do the medic lab report that due tomorrow. i'm too tired to even wash my face.


maybe i should stop now.

i'll end this post with a happy stuff(something that will make ONLY ME happy):

WENTZ's abs and TEPPEI being wet from outside to inside.

ta then!

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