20 August, 2010


A'kum n ello...

[this is a Liverpool post. if you don't like it, click that X button of your tab/window.]

this is Alberto Aquilani:

look how happy he was....

and this is the 1st thing that i saw at LFCtv after i got back from class...

my 1st thought seeing the title and also the news:

oh my.

seriously, WHAT. THE. HELL????

do you hate Rafa so much that you want to sell this guy? i can understand if you want to replace some of Rafa's players, but to replace Rafa's GOOD PLAYER??? you must be kidding??

it just too illogical to even leave him out of the Liverpool squad. i seriously don't know what good stuff you can do by not playing him in the team.

this guy is one of the best passer in the team.
and also have good vision.

but no, you stick with Lucas and you want to buy Poulsen instead. Poulsen, who played for too many clubs, but still an average players.

what really Roy Hodgson is doing?

you know, i try to be more positive towards Hodgson. he is, after all, a Liverpool manager. i should suppport him eventhough i really admire Rafa Benitez.

but really, i can stand the "he let Torres play even though Torres still not fit",his indirectly bad remarks toward Rafa Benitez, his announcement about Mascherano not answering his calls, and other stuff that i don't want to recall (he is a very pessimistic man), but this news about loaning Aquilani is just too much.

if he sell other players,like Mascherano,that really want to leave, i don't mind. because Mascherano already decided to leave.
but to leave Aquilani, a player that never tell the world that he wants to leave,is just too....MAD.

this is just too much.

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