26 August, 2010

this week.

A'kum n ello..

i just had a fight with my sister.

stupid bitch.enough said.


ok i lied.

Monday was busy.
Wednesday not busy.
Thursday is today, also not busy.


to summarize, one day of busy-ness makes thing too tiring for the next and also the next next day.

Monday: i don't really remember. i know we had medic microbiology's lab. and also molecular biology's lab which end at 10pm. maybe the 10pm made things tiring.and also the fact that i will have food microbiology's test the next day.and also cos that Liverpool vs Man City showed at 3am(Tuesday morning).so i think i really really was tired on that day.

shit. Liverpool lose.3-0.BAD BAD PERFORMANCE BY THE REDS.hopefully, they'll play well later tonight. i'll trust Hodgson in this.i have to have faith in him.

Tuesday: tiring day. the fact that i watched that 3am match, and i did food's lab report until 6.30am and i had to go to class at 10am made things more tiring. and also the fact that i will have test at 4pm made things difficult for my brain, and also with me having my fast at that time thus no oxygen in the brain made things more difficult.

oh well. i read too many things. then, when the test started, i looked at the paper and told AqilahPrasanCute "LORH?!?ONLY THIS QUESTION?????" 3 questions for 23marks. bcos i read too many stuff, i was kinda confused which one was the answer for those questions. oh well,i think i did ok tho. so i'm trying not to mind so much.

Wednesday: LAZY DAY OF THE WEEK.mainly cos there was no class on this day.HAHA. so i woke up really2 late. and the fact that (i know i used this words so much in this post.but bear with it) and i know i have Medic lab report to do, but i really was lazy on this day. so i end up download all volumes of Good Morning Call (vol. 2-11,i already read vol.1 with Aqilah at UiTM's lab computer) and read the whole thing until 1.58am(Thursday time).

haha.I LOVE NAO!!!!!

oh.whenever i spent time watching or reading the same stuff for one whole day, i'll definitely end up dreaming about it. like last time, when i read Slam Dunk. i read that manga, and then when i went to sleep,i dreamed about Kaede Rukawa.HAHA.oh,not because he became my boyfriend or anything, but i dreamed about ME(AliaBaik) dreamed about BEATING him in basketball. ME!NA!ATASHI!BEATING RUKAWA! whoa yeah! i don't even know how to dribble a basketball!!HAHAH. anyway, after i read this manga, i didn't dream about anything.cis.i end up dreaming about my husband(dunno who he is,i just know he is rich,spanish and handsome), and in that dream,he gone missing, but 3 years later, AliaBaik found him at Gold Coast but he lose his memory.YEAH.I DREAM THAT.

Thursday: is today. went to Entrepreneur class.nothing much happened.class ended early. it was suppose to end at 12.30pm, but Madam let us out at 11am. like usual, the whole class stayed in the class cos that class is a computer lab. so watched Sunao Ni Naretakute with AqilahPrasanCute. whenever Jaejoong appeared, we'd be "KYAAAAAAA~~~~~JAEJOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!!"


so when we were absorbed watching the drama, suddenly this young lecturer entered the lab and his students also entered. he ignored us, and do nothing. we were like "ok now.what happen??this time should be our class.why the hell there's other class using the lab?" apparently, the young lecturer didn't care much about us, so whatever, we didn't care,we went out from the class. anyway, AliaBaik,AqilahPrasanCute and KPslekeh search for other lab computers, and we went to this empty lab computer and watched 1N2D. HAHAHA.

(i want to put the video, but i think the file is too big for me to upload.so once i have the time to upload it, i'll put it in this entry)

anyway, we had Medic class after that, so we attended that class. and whoa, i saw PENIS!haha. we were learning about syphilis, and Dr Hana showed us some pictures of syphilis, and there was this picture that really really WOW.haha.AqilahPrasanCute asked me,"that's a penis rite?" HAHAHA.i said yup. maybe becos i don't have a penis,so i don't really care much about it. but there was this picture that really really painful to watch, which i don't know which part of the body will have that, but i think that is more frightening than a reddish penis.


i think that's all.

oh. i went to KPslekeh's room.we watched 3Idiots. we stayed there cos we wanna wait for Industry&Enviro's class(at 5pm).but then,we found out,they changed the class' time to 4pm instead,and it was 3.44pm at that time, so we kinda left for that class at 4.10pm. and on the way to that class, we got a call that the class already end.

yes. END

so we went home early.haha.

ok.that's all.

long post, i know.but maybe because i suddenly have the mood to blog.haha.

tata sayangs~!

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