27 August, 2010

Xabi on twitter.

A'kum n ello..

you remember my old nickname?
it was Mrs.Xabi.


can't help it. he is handsome,cute,BRILLIANT PASSER, and such an UNF(it's a sound,not an initial)

i really like him when he was in Liverpool. such a brilliant player.

and of course, i was devastated when he left Liverpool for that Real Madrid. but oh well, nothing can be done. it's not like he join Scum like stupid Owen. anyway, unlike Owen who think Scum is better than Liverpool, Mr Alonso thinks Anfield is the best stadium ever and instead of going holiday with his family when there was no Real Madrid match, he came to Anfield to watch the Liverpool vs Arsenal match (tho i blamed him for being the reason of the defeat of that match.).

ok. i think i spazz too much.

why did i blog about him?


this guy has TWITTER!!!!


ok. i know he's not a Liverpool player anymore, but you know, he is the best passer in the world (IMO) and in my head, he'll forever be my favourite player, so i don't care.

i never been this happy before whenever people have twitter.last time i felt this happy was when Kyuhyun got twitter, but that guy never tweet in English, so i don't really feel happy.

anyway,this Mr Alonso already start his 1st tweet,and he already used 2 words of english eventhough it's a simple "Checking Twitter"

anyway, i'm happy. it's like having Changmin on twitter, except, better.HAHA.

bye then!hihihihi.

ps: i already tweet something to him.it's not a word tho.HAHA.

another ps: i'll stop my spazzing if he put his wife picture.HAHA.

NO, I WON'T PUT HIS PICTURE IN A REAL MADRID SHIRT.it reminds me of that MourinhoDaArrogant.

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