29 August, 2010

HOUSE:promo pic

A'kum n ello...


yes, i love House.

i think he is the most interesting person on earth.HA!

and yes, i really love the series.
yes, i maybe skip the 1st 4 seasons, but that doesn't mean that i'm not a House fan.

and you know, House M.D is like another version of Sherlock Holmes. and because of that, i'm thinking of reading Sherlock Holmes novels.haha.

but,maybe later. i have more than 8 books need to be read (i blame you, Microbiology!!).

oh.i haven't read many story books nowadays, so my English kinda sucks.
yes, story books are the source for me to maintain my english language. thanks to Meg Cabot for that.

so now, bye2~~~~~~~~!!

ps: Haniyana as Puan Falcon? PPFFT!!! sorry dear, that guy is mine.HAHA. you go have that Hiro the guy-who-had-sex-with-Mika-then-die guy than having my Takagi Fujimaru the Falcon.haha.

credit image: (i forgot.tell me to credit if it yours)

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