10 August, 2010

Ramadhan: start.

A'kum n ello..

load plenty of times using Google Chrome, but this old laptop is getting too old, it can even load the the blogger page.

oh well.

now. where was i?



may you have the best Ramadhan ever!!!

you know what is good about Ramadhan? apart from the diet, less money use n murtabak?

it's the.............
seriously, i don't even know what.

diet. YES.
less money use. YES YES but not quite.
murtabak. YES YES YES.
tepung pelita a.k.a kuih sampan. YES YES YES YES YES!

oh oh. i want some ayam percik and satay. THOSE are GOOOOOOOD~~~!

i don't really have this looking forward feeling. maybe because i had my fast not long time ago, that's why. so i don't care much about this. i'm just treating it like usual; do what God told you to do.

oh. as a microbiology student, i want to inform you something; Please wash your kurma before you serve them to the whole family. my food microbiology lecturer told us that somewhere at Saudi Arabia where people sell the kurma, they step on the kurmas before they sell them. and i definitely don't think they wash those step kurmas.

so now you know.

and so,
took this from Google. so thanks to siti_horizon for the image.

bye all. gonna sleep early for sahur.


ps: i'm thinking of changing from Chrome to Firefox. don't think this old computer like Chrome tho.aih.i can't live without Chromed Bird T-T

another ps: diet,NOT QUITE.less money use,NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

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