19 December, 2009

Imaginary Friend.

A'kum n ello..

i had one tiring day.

morning: went to the market.forgot to set up the alarm.so i was quite in a panic mode when i woke up.

it wasn't a nice morning. i had to smell a drink that i thought was a rotten apple juice,then i found out it was whiskey. lucky that my maid only asked me to smell instead of taste it. i wonder who drank that rotten water.

arrived home,i immediately online.

internet became boring,so i read a book. i was very2 sleepy. but i just had lunch. i'll be fat if i sleep after eating. so i end up reading Cecilia Ahern's If You Could See Me Now. i read the whole book in 2 hours.

oh.did i say i read that after my lunch and i read it while lying down on the bed?

and btw, THAT BOOK is seriously HEAVEN! Ivan(the main character) is very2 sweet,fun and charming. the book is about an Imaginary Friend and also the way how you handle life. it's very nice. i never thought of having an imaginary friend tho. i have an imaginary boyfriend.haha. my imaginary boyfriend is Nathaniel Sheridan. he's a billionaire of a big company. and he loves to look at me and i'll feel guilty whenever i look at his eyes.

yeah.Nathaniel Sheridan is my dream boyfriend.

ok. whatever.a girl can dream.but maybe this dream boyfriend is the reason why i don't have any boyfriend till now.haha.

ok. back to the story book.

i don't really believe in Imaginary Friend.but some people believe in it. i know a friend who once talk to herself. i saw her talked to the walls. some people thought she's insane,but she got 100% in history,bloody good in Math,brilliant in Science. is that even insane?

oh.maybe she got the 100% history score cos she asked her imaginary friend.some people said Imaginary Friend lives more than 100years old.

things are getting too crappy.

anyway, after i read the book, i read ANOTHER BOOK. it's Meg Cabot's Airhead. i'm still reading it, already halfway of the story. it's a young adult book, so some stupidity happened while the story flow. it's Meg Cabot's book anyway. what can i expect? her books are love cos it's funny and also show the stupidity of teenage life and also some stupid character of a woman.


i really2 love Meg Cabot's book.i really2 do.

so now.i'm waiting for the Portsmouth vs LIVERPOOL match in 18 minutes from now.

did i say i haven't slept after the market trip?


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