10 December, 2009

A'kum n ello..

i already checked my result.

  • too many C .
  • the pointer is lower than last semester.
  • my BEL(english) is not A.


there is NO FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LULUS UNTUK SEMUA KURSUS MATA PELAJARAN.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

no need to meet Dr Hana,Sir Roslan,Sir Khairul, and the last semesters lecturers.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comthank you for all the knowledge that you taught me.i really2 appreciate it!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

you dunno how happy i am right now. day by day,i've been praying if i can pass all the courses or not,cos truthfully,i don't really put all my focus in the exam.i put all i know,but my knowledge before the exam was really limited.

so yeah.
i'm totally relieved.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

i don't want to care much about pointer,tho i know my father will kill me when he knows my result later,and he'll constantly nag about it and all,but whatever.i already told my father that i might fail some courses,so....

maybe this will improve his expectation on me.


yeah riteblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

but still,i'm relieved that i still can continue with Microbiology.this thing is too damn hard,that plenty of people already give up after the 3rd semester.so yeah,i'm still in the running now.hoho.

ta then!

ps: thankies for the good luck!

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