26 December, 2009

from Bandung

A'kum n ello..

at Bandung now. In front of my bro's room cos i can only get the wifi from here.

tonight is the last night at Bandung.tomorrow will go to Jakarta. Just met a Malaysian just now,and she just got back from Jakarta,and she said Jakarta is boring.ahha.lucky i already shop at Bandung,so things kinda brilliant now.

oh. I spent almost 1million rupiah,with da help of my father's money,n i bought Jimmy Choo handbag, LV jeans, Levis jeans n other sorts. Among of them, Levis is the ONLY ORIGINAL thing that i bought.

cool eh?


oh,already ate plenty of weird food. Yesterday i ate Nasi Padang(only the name is weird), Nasi Sunda, n today i ate Nasi Bakar Sambal Belut.but da belut is not even as big as unagi. It's a baby eel,as small as ikan bilis.SERIOUSLY!

OH.found dis funny stuff.


Mind ur own BM oK?

oh. The Indonesian drivers are MENTAL.seriously,how did they get the license? I don't think any car company can giv a test drive if u're in Bandung. Their parking lot also MENTAL.it's like UiTM but in peak hours. Seriously.

and with a population of 5million people ONLY in Bandung,i dunno why people have the idea to make a parking lot.

k now.wanna poop.


ps: recommended place: Kampung Daun.
Another ps: i didn't see any volcano nor any crater.dun mind then.
Another ps: an Indonesian said my Indonesian language is improving.n she only knows me for 5minute.oh,a lil boy suddenly shy when i smiled at him.PUHAHA!!

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