17 December, 2009


A'kum n ello..

i always post about Liverpool defeat.

prove that BLOG is mostly a place for you to let out our anger.haha.


LIVERPOOL 2-1 Wigan.


last weekend's match against Arsenal was disappointing. i know many people think we already won the match after Kuyt's goal,but at the end, arsenal the one who won,cos maybe,just maybe,the cockiness and the unexpected took our confidence away.

so, during the 98 minutes of this match(90minutes full match,4minutes extra time in 1st half,4minutes extra time in 2nd half), i never really sure of a win. my mind was full of "SCORE!!!" "what the hell Gerrard, why didn't u pass the ball????" "what the hell Kuyt,score!!" what the hell Skrtel,can't u pass???"

my mind sure full of anxiety.
anxiety really full of negativity,rite?

but when Torres scored the 2nd goal, the whole stadium and i'm sure the fans in front of tv were happiest during that time. People were expecting Torres to score another goal,cos if he scored, it means he'll be the fastest Liverpool player in the history to score 5o league goals.

but he only scored his 49th. not the 50th. he had to wait for the next match to score that 50th.

oh.Torres just average this morning.

Mascherano,however, was AWESOME!!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
his tackle and passion just WOW! somebody kicked a ball,and it hit his face, and i thought he was imagining stars above his head after thatblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com. he really seems like that.but he went back into the game immediately,without thinking of the word REST.


Aquilani also played.

he played for 12 minutes only, and he's a fast person. he is totally unlike xabi alonso. xabi alonso's way of playing in gentle and slow,people might get annoyed by that, but that shows his brilliance. aquilani,is a lil bit different. he is swift and fast,people might have to be a genius to take his balls.oh,he also has a good control of handling the ball.he tried to do a bicycle kick,but he couldn't score,but wow he sure knows how to wow people.haha.

maybe i exaggerated a bit. but you know, i really have high expectations for him. hopefully, my expectation won't be wrong. the only wrong expectation i have in terms of football players are dossena. i thought he'll be good.but.......yeah,he's not,for now anyway,tho he scored against scum n real madrid.


Torres really need to change his hair. long hair for a caucasian guy is a no no. why the hell caucasian people wants to be like asian people,and vice versa? seriously lor.

i hate long-haired guy.tho only asian peeps can style them smartly.

k now.tata!

ps: the stalker strike back!

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